The Old Lyon & Fourvière

The Vieux Lyon is a historic district in Lyon, renowned for its picturesque medieval alleys, traboules (secret passages), and preserved architecture. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the neighborhood boasts Renaissance buildings, charming squares, as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. The lively atmosphere and palpable history make it a must-visit for visitors seeking an immersion into the city’s past.


As for the Fourvière district, it is a captivating blend of history and architecture. Dominating the skyline is the iconic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, offering panoramic views of Lyon. Nearby, the Gallo-Roman Museum explores the city’s Roman past, while the ancient theater provides insight into ancient performances. Together, these landmarks weave a rich tapestry of Lyon’s cultural heritage, inviting visitors to delve into its history full of stories.

The Basilica

The Basilica of Fourvière, located on the eponymous hill in Lyon, is a neo-Byzantine masterpiece built between 1872 and 1896 to thank the Virgin Mary. Its exterior is distinguished by golden domes and a richly decorated facade. Inside, frescoes, sculptures, and mosaics create a sacred atmosphere. The golden statue of the Virgin Mary, “Our Lady of Fourvière,” sits atop the basilica. Beyond its religious significance, the basilica offers an impressive panoramic view of the city. A symbol of Lyon, it attracts visitors from around the world.

The Gallo-Roman Museum

The Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon, inaugurated in 1975, presents a remarkable collection of objects and artifacts from the ancient Roman city of Lugdunum. Located on the Fourvière hill, the museum provides an immersion into daily life, Roman engineering, and religious rituals. The reconstruction of the ancient theater of Fourvière is a major attraction, offering an immersive experience for visitors. Modern museography makes the visit informative and captivating, making the museum a must-visit for those interested in Gallo-Roman history.

The Museum of Miniatures

The Museum of Miniatures and Cinema Sets in Lyon is a unique place showcasing amazing miniature creations. Located in Old Lyon, the museum displays meticulously crafted miniatures, ranging from historical scenes to reproductions of famous film sets. Visitors can explore this fascinating miniature world, appreciating the exceptional talent of the artisans. It is a captivating destination for art and cinema enthusiasts, offering an extraordinary artistic experience.